Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The perfect afternoon beverage

Some might refer to this beverage as a "mocktail." I, however, would rather avoid kitchiness and go with well-balanced afternoon bubbly beverage. The association with alcohol is therefore discarded and the focus is on the balance of flavors, and of course, the bubbles. 

 The perfect afternoon beverage

1 can lemon-lime soda
2-4 dashes Angostura aromatic bitters
1-2 wedges lime

Fill glass 1/2 with crushed ice. Add 2 dashes bitters and squeeze in one wedge of lime. pour soda on top until glass is full. Stir. If there is extra soda left over, do the same a second time when your first beverage is gone.

The story of the deep fryer

The story of how I got a deep fryer for Christmas is one that will be retold for years to come. Mostly by my sister, mostly because it is dryly humorous. More or less, I bought myself a deep fryer for Christmas.

It all starts the 23rd of December, when my sister and I were roaming Target looking for products in the $25 range which screamed "innovative and humorous yet also useful and won't get us kicked out of the family party" for the annual Christmas Eve White Elephant with all of my dad's family. I searched through cookware and happened to come upon the single deep fryer left in stock - for $24.99. It was meant to be. And so it came to be that I put a deep fryer in the white elephant pot. BUT, when it came to my turn (#8 of 14) I picked the big box. I'm a sucker for the big box. But it turns out that it was a slow cooker. Not that I have anything against slow cookers, as I have an entire 500 page cookbook that I break out quite frequently all about slow cooking, but I just happen to have one already, and at home where I would actually use it. So for most of the game I sat there a little bummed that I had a rather fantastic product that I would never use - and that no one had decided to grab my perfectly proportioned square box with the deep fryer. Then, I got lucky and my cousin decided she could use a slow cooker! I had another opportunity, at #11 of 14, to grab what I believed was the best present available: the deep fryer I myself had contributed.

Now, this is where the rules and ethics of the white elephant come into play...is it allowed to choose one's own gift? If it is allowed, is it ethical? I say yes. One should choose the gift they believe will be most useful to them and/or give them the most pleasure. In this round of gifts, the deep fryer was the winner for me - and didn't seem to be exciting anyone else. So it was perfectly legit to take it as my gift. After all, I do know me best.

And so it came to be that for my sister's birthday I spent two hours deep frying things. While I had a batch of eggrolls frozen and ready to go, I also felt like I had to make fries. French fries are the quintessential deep fried dish, plus I had three potatoes sitting on the counter calling my name.

So I cut. And I soaked.

And I dried, and I fried.

And they were delicious. As were the eggrolls made for me by Lina (and fried between rounds of potatoes).